Apricorn outs pocketable 1.8-inch HDDs

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We’re big fans of portable hard drives and the smaller they are the better. And Apricorn’s Aegis Mini portable HDD is pretty frackin sweet. The 1.8-inch external not only packs as much as 240GB of storage space but it’s small enough that you can slide it into your front pants pocket. It weighs a measly 3.7 ounces and it’s shock mounted. The drives are efficient enough that it’s powered over a single USB or FireWire port. And the one-meter USB cable is built-in and wraps around the hard drive itself.

The USB drives are priced at $149, $189 and $269 for the 80GB, 120GB and 240GB, respectively. The FireWire models go for $10 more than their USB counterparts.


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