Tasteless joke lists child for sale on Xbox Live


How dumb are people? Someone at the weekend put a phony ad on Xbox Live. Advertising what, exactly? Oh, you know, just someone’s child. Yup, a Florida woman’s child was listed as “for sale” by a couple of knuckleheads (presumably this is at least a two-man job: one guy to come up with the idea, and the other to convince him to carry it out). They even included the woman’s phone number in the ad!

Soon after the ad went live, people started calling the woman, 23-year-old Christa Manos, and complaining. “You monster, how could you sell your child,” etc.

Whoever put that ad online could face criminal charges. Something about the criminal use of information. Clearly I’m no lawyer, though I’d love to be a cop.

People clearly have too much time on their hands when they can concut and execute this type of tasteless prank. Throw the book at ’em!

via Kotaku