Xbox 360 pwns online console world

xboxliveIn the most recent online gaming report from the NPD Group, the Xbox 360 was listed as the most popular console online, accounting for 50 percent of the online market. While this surprises the pundits, anyone who’s actually seen Sony and Nintendo’s offerings probably wasn’t too shocked to read this.

As the PS2’s online presence continues to wither and die, the PS3 moved from fifth to third in the rankings. Online gaming for home consoles and portable devices climbed in popularity as well, but the real winner is the PC gaming industry, which continues to dominate.

The report also stated that online gamers are getting younger, as the number of gamers aged 13-17 increased, the 18-34 and 35-54 demographic decreased slightly, no doubt driven away after being teabagged in Halo 3 by gamers aged 13-17.