Ooh, Teaser For Harper's Globe Looks Spooky


Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried of EQAL, the producers of Web video hits Loneygirl15 and Kate Modern, have just released a trailer for Harper’s Globe, their latest online show in partnership with CBS. The Website will feature its own original side story to accompany Harper’s Island, a new show that will debut on CBS proper in April. Apparently, everyone dies by the end of the season—one murder per episode.

Harper’s Globe seems designed to build buzz for the TV show and create an online community. In addition to the original Web video series, there is also a forum, a social network to interact with the cast, and news from Harper’s Globe, the island’s fictional newspaper run by editor-in-chief Sparky Mackle. The video series stars one of Sparky’s terrified female reporters. Someone is trying to kill her! What a drama queen. Okay, that Joker-esque clown mask is really creepy.

EQAL raised $5 million in April, 2008.