CrunchBoard: Tech Job Listings Decline, Data Confirms The Obvious

The unemployment rate in the U.S. continues to trend up, and the tech sector certainly hasn’t been spared from the overall economic turmoil.

We’ve noticed a general downward trend in our monthly tech job listings on CrunchBoard over the last year, too, which confirms what is already obvious – there’s less hiring going on out there.

A year ago 100 – 120 job listings were added to CrunchBoard each month (which is consistent with the previous year’s trend of a steady 100+ listings/month). The number of new listings gradually declined and then fell significantly in November 2008, dropping from 68 to 37 listings. Things bottomed out in December with 22 listings, and have edged back up slightly since then (but certainly not enough to call it a turnaround).

We haven’t changed promotion of the site over the last year or changed the listing price, which would affect the data. Traffic to TechCrunch sites has risen steadily over this period.

CrunchBoard is a tiny site compared to Monster, Craigslist and others, and this data isn’t statistically relevant at all. But we’ll continue to share it to add to the data that’s available on the state of things during this troubled time.