Wii MotionPlus ‘hiccups’ could delay release


Potentially bad news for those of us patiently awaiting Nintendo’s MotionPlus peripheral for the Wii – it might be delayed. According to IGN Wii’s Nintendo Voice Chat podcast, “Nintendo is internally struggling with Wii MotionPlus, trying to figure out a few hiccups.”

Nintendo’s first game to take advantage of the MotionPlus add-on, Wii Sports Resort, has also had its ship date changed from “Spring 2009” to just “2009” according to Kotaku, another sign that the peripheral will be delayed. It was previously thought to be available in June.

My biggest concern is whether or not MotionPlus will be available for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, which is due on June 16th and will make use of the ultra-sensitive controller add-on. The game apparently doesn’t require MotionPlus, so it’s very possible that TW10 be released on time with our without the add-on from Nintendo.

[via Kotaku]