This kre-8 cellphone concept is only for music buffs


This is one of the better concepts I’ve seen ’round these parts, and I see plenty of them. It’s called the kre-8 (the name could use some work, yes), and it’s a cellphone designed, as it were, for those who fancy themselves as DJs, music creators, etc.

So what is it, and why should you care? Its designer, one Jose Tomas DeLuna , describes it as “the next-generation music tool/communication device for the musically creative and the aspiring musician as well.” That covers just about everyone on planet Earth, right?


Like the iPhone, the kre-8 would be outfitted with a touchscreen and an accelerometer. That last part is key, since, depending on how you hold the phone, it’ll go into one of three different modes: instrument mode, mix mode and record mode. All musical output conforms to the MIDI standard, so, theoretically, you’d be able to integrate it into your multi-thousand dollar Pioneer setup. Even better, all the music you compose, mix or whatnot can be shared over the 3G connection to other kre-8 users. These other users would then either merely enjoy the music you created, or can mix and add to it as they sit fit. Crowdsourcing!


Presumably kre-8 also makes phone calls, but cellphones haven’t been about phone calls for some time now.

Also, keep in mind that it’s just a concept, and hell will freeze over before you’re likely to see it move beyond an Adobe Creative Suite render.