Is a touchscreen Apple netbook imminent?

macbook-air Rumors of an Apple netbook and/or a touchscreen Apple notebook have been bandied about for what seems like ages. Today, we have news of a combination of the two.

Apparently Quanta Computer, the same company that makes netbooks for just about every major company that’s got a netbook on the market, will be making an Apple netbook with a touchscreen provided by Wintek.

This, according to the Commercial Times, a Chinese-language newspaper. Here’s more:

“Wintek revealed that it is currently working with Apple to develop some new products, but it said it does not know what applications the new products are for. Wintek added that no shipment schedule has been worked out yet, but shipments are likely to begin in the second half of the year.”

The report then names Quanta Computer as the manufacturer “of Apple’s new netbook,” according to DigiTimes.

As with all Apple rumors, take this with a grain of salt until the company itself announces something concrete. This one seems pretty believable, though, and an Apple netbook would make sense given that every other company has some sort of netbook on the market. Yes, you can make the argument that the iPhone and iPod Touch are Apple’s netbooks, but sometimes the general public needs an actual tiny, cheap computer with a keyboard.

A big point of interest would be how much an Apple netbook would cost. Would the company try to compete with Acer, ASUS, and MSI in the sub-$500 category or would it price it more towards the Sony VAIO P at around $900? I’d guess it might fall somewhere in the Mac Mini range of $600 to $800 and might be positioned as the portable version of the Mac Mini.

[via DigiTimes]