Buyer beware: There's a lot of fees associated with that Street Fighter Visa debit card


Sure, that Street Fighter IV-branded Visa pre-paid debit card looks cool—hey, it’s Ryu v. Ken!—but you’d better look at the fine print lest The Powers That Be nickel-and-dime you. In short, there’s a hell of a lot of fees associated with the card that you ought to know about.

How much does it cost to use the card?

There’s a $9.95 activation fee; $4.95 monthly fee; $0.25 charge per debit use (when you hand it over to the cashier at the supermarket, for example); $1.50 per ATM use (and that’s on top of whatever the ATM itself charges!); and a $10 fee to close out the card (or you can pay a $5 “dormancy” fee).

That’s not so different from other, similar cards, but since it’s all Street Fighter-y, we figured more of you guys would be looking to get one.