Because It’s There: Six-foot Media Center remote control made from two DDR mats

Yama hama, look at the size of that remote control. Made from two Dance Dance Revolution pads and one of those oversized Brookstone TV remotes, this thing controls a Windows Media Center PC through the magic of fancy footwork.

From the creator’s website:

“After looking through the web, I ordered two of those well known Dance Dance Revolution mats for the PlayStation 2 (because those were the cheapest ones). In order to be able to connect those devices to my PC, I also ordered a converter box which allows to connect two Playstation 2 controller devices to the PC.

Those devices are internally mapped as HIDs / joysticks, and therefore easily programmable. Therefore I developed a small C# .net library to get a simple interface for future applications.”

Here’s a video of the remote in action:

Not bad at all, assuming you’re not big on the whole “sitting down and passively enjoying media content without moving” thing. On the bright side, you could burn tens of calories this way. Tens! Full source code can be found at the link below if you’d like to build your own.

World’s largest Media Center Remote Control? [michbex via SlashGear/Hacked Gadgets]