Disney yells, "Me too!" with plans to launch an online movie and TV rental service

waltdisneylogo Mickey & Co. is a vast empire and soon, the Mouse might launch a “subscription-based online movie and TV rental service from the company’s huge video library.” Sounds like a great idea, eh? If it was 2007! ROFL! Just like Silicon Alley Insider pointed out, people like to get their content from one portal. Hulu is successful mainly because the NBC-ran site has a vast library which includes content from outside the Peacock’s network. Same thing goes for iTunes and Netflix; those services provide a one-stop shop no matter where the content was originated at. Disney does have a huge library but why not work with an already established site – or even a start-up company like ZillionTV – instead of starting yet another Netflix/iTunes rival with its content exclusively. FAIL.