Dave Perry *insists* that PSP2 won't have UMD drive


Earthworm Jim and MDK creator Dave Perry claimed the other day that the PSP2—yes, it’s in development—will not have a UMD drive. That’s good news, seeing as though UMD is terribly slow; eliminating it from any future PSP design would both 1) cut costs and 2) shrink the device’s footprint by a not-insignificant amount. And while Sony may deny that any such redesign is in the works, Perry insists that’s he’s right.

Perry posted on his Twitter account the following:

John Koller is publically questioning my post about PSP 2. So I confirmed with Top PSP 2 developers. John, state that PSP 2 WILL have UMD.

If this were a professional wresting feud, Perry would be standing in the middle of the ring, yelling, “John, I’m calling you out!” Then the lights would dim and John would smash Perry with a chair.

Internet speculation suggests that Sony will announce and/or debut the next version of the PSP at E3, which is in May. I think we’ll be there at E3.

via Kotaku