Wrappz decorates your laptops, iPods, and game consoles


As a college student, I’ve seen all sorts of junk on laptop cases, from fraternity stickers and sports team logos to presidential candidates and cause-related stickers. London-based Wrappz has tapped into this market providing covers for laptops, iPods, and game consoles. They use a patented 3M vinyl for easy application and they ensure that there will be no residue remains if you choose to remove it.

They have an okay selection of Wrappz, but if none of the available pictures please you, you can upload your own picture to make your own Wrappz case. In my opinion, I just don’t see a laptop as a way to express your love for something. I can see this being more popular among iPods, so owners can apply their favorite singers/bands on their iPod. If you’re interested, go to the Wrappz website. However, they only deliver within the UK and Europe, so I apologize if I got your hopes up, fellow Americans.