MeeVee A Ghost Town, All Employees "Inactive." LiveUniverse CEO Greenspan Still Nuts.

(The picture makes sense once you read to the end). A former MeeVee employee emails in to say that he hasn’t received his 2008 tax forms from the company, and that no one will pick up the phone to say when he might receive them. We emailed Brad Greenspan, the CEO of parent company LiveUniverse (MeeVee was acquired in May 2008) for a comment. His response: “LiveUniverse is in business” (not what we asked, but good to know), and “…we haven’t had any meevee employees active in a few months as we consolidate operations of that website with a few others.”

We speculated on the health of the parent company last month after a number of high profile outages and claims by employees and business partners that they were going unpaid, but Greenspan insists LiveUniverse remains a going concern.

Always a colorful character, Greenspan (who made $48 million in the 2005 sale of MySpace to News Corp.) also sent us a few unsolicited follow up emails this evening, pointing to a presentation on a company that he invested in called Borba that sells beauty products, and saying that he’s “working on a rival to techcrunch… many pretty little users that can be sold at a high cpm…..yum yum….give me some.” In another email, Greenspan sent naked pictures of a woman with the message “OH AND MY CURRENT GIRL FRIEND. PLAYBOY BUNNY. RECENTPICS SHE PASSED ME THAT WERE PUBLISHED RECENTLY. SO IM SURESHE WONT MIND ME PASSING THEM TO YOU BIG GUY!!!”

Ever dutiful to our readers, we post a headshot of one of the photos Greenspan sent us above (it’s worth repeating that he sent these as a response to our question of whether MeeVee was still in business). For the rest, I guess you’ll have to go to Playboy.

Back to MeeVee, though: It looks like it’s in the DeadPool.