Sega Dreamcast + iMac = iCast


In what may qualify as nostalgia overload, an enterprising Canadian has replaced the insides of an old all-in-one iMac with a Sega Dreamcast console. The end result is the iCast.

The process is detailed here on the CGCC forums by user “Logicdustbin,” who says:

“I had a couple G3’s laying around, and for some reason I had a 15″ LCD monitor. As I was cleaning up my workshop, these to things were sitting beside each other, the LCD looked to be about the same size.

So I started taking shit apart. Dropped about 100 pounds of CRT monitor out of the iMac, and in went the LCD, fit just perfect.

Since that fit in nicely, it was an easy decision to slap a Dreamcast inside. The hard part was figuring out where to place it. I didn’t want to cut a big hole in the side of the case (although I was debating on turning the handle on the back of the case to an access port for the disks), but, I ended up doing a ‘PS1 upside down mod’ – its not great, but it works pretty good.

He then extended the controller ports, allowing him to plug the controllers into the front of the iMac, followed by the arduous tasks of getting the power button to work with the new monitor and rigging up an amp to push sound through the iMac speakers. It all appears to be well worth it, though, as this is one nice looking mod for any Dreamcast fan.

Here’s video of everything in action:

iCast [ via hack a day]