Review: JimmyJane Form 6 Massager

First, let’s get this out of the way: Tried this bugger on both myself and my good lady wife. So this is a hands-on review.

Back in Columbus, Ohio the local adult shop was called the Lion’s Den. It was a chain – there were a few in Columbus and I guess they were all over Ohio. They have a NSFW website now. This place was chock-full of porn and cheap sex toys. I’ll call them “sex toys” because that’s what they were – they were toys that you brought out when you intended to have sex alone or with friends and then didn’t use. I’m talking about edible panties and blow-up dolls and vibrators that looked like tent stakes.


I went there once or twice with various lady friends of mine where I purchased cheap rubber junk that we used and ended up in a drawer somewhere. The JimmyJane Form 6 Massager is as far from that cheap junk as the iPod Touch is from the original Rio MP3 player. You can tell this is the epitome of pleasure-inducing silicone toys and I’m glad we live in an era when we can go down the road at any time we want and walk into Harry’s and hold our head up high and say in a loud, steady voice, “Harry, I want you to sell me a high quality massaging vibrator. In fact, today, I think I’ll have a JimmyJane Form 6, for I am a Protestant.”

So first, form. It’s a great form factor with a thicker bit and a thinner bit. It was apparently not thick enough for my lady wife and I did not try it in the back place so I can’t speak for its girth. However, it is covered in wonderful silicone which is very easy to clean, hypo-allergenic, and soft. It is also waterproof for underwater use and cordless. It even comes with a great monolithic-looking charger.

The buttons light up so you know what you’re doing in the dark and it has a lock button for travel.

Function. Yes, it worked. Very well. You have multiple settings so you can make one tip do one thing and the other tip do another. Or you can pulse it. Or you can make the whole thing shake like an earthquake. Your choice.

Bad things: It was very loud. That’s all I’ll say about that. Even while busy and under the covers it was loud.

And, finally, it’s $185. But trust me: it’s worth the investment if you’re a big fan of vibrating things. I worry that the girth thing might turn some folks off but it definitely gets to job done, ladies and gents.

Bottom Line (he he): A great, if expensive, massager. This is the next generation of adult play. Give it a USB input and I’m sold.