Bluetooth rotary phone for old school ringing, time-consuming dialing


Remember when people used to memorize phone numbers? How many of the phone numbers of the contacts in your cell phone do you know by heart? I know my wife’s and both my parents — that’s it. Assuming I’d want to get in the way-back machine and go to a simpler time, this Bluetooth-equipped rotary phone might do the trick quite nicely.

At $250, the thought of actually owning this clunky chunk of nostalgia is mortifying to someone like me but I’m sure there are some phone lovers out there who’d gladly pony up. As long as your cell phone has Bluetooth, it’ll work with this phone – even down to the actual dialing. The slow, agonizing, wonderfully old-timey dialing.


Bluetooth® Portable Rotary Phone [Sparkfun via technabob]