Best way to keep the kids off your lawn: DIY paintball turret

mainGoing for the “peace through superior firepower” theme, custom builder group Inventgeek built the ultimate solution to keeping those pesky kids off your lawn: the paintball turret. We’ve seen things like this before, but this one is very professional. Featuring dual barrels and available in a wired or wireless platform, this seems like the ultimate in paintball warfare — except maybe for this thing.

Hand-built from off the shelf components, it’s been over 2 years in the making. The builder rates the assembly as “easy” although his definition of easy may be different from yours and mine. Capable of firing at over 30 balls a second, it can also be converted from the stationary version to a wearable backpack system.

The inventors are looking to sell a kit that will allow you to build your own, but no word on the price or when it will be released.

[via MAKE]