AirScape whole house fan is an ultra-quiet cheaper, greener alternative to A/C


As the economy worsens and our wallets slim, an AirScape whole house fan sounds like a simple way to go green and save some money. While traditional whole house fans are noisy and power-hungry, the AirScape fans are ultra-quiet and energy-efficient. The Airscape can quietly move up to 1,700 cubic feet per minute by using fans designed for computer rooms.

The main function of a whole house fan is not simply to replace hot air with cooler air – it is to cool down the entire structure by drawing off the heat. The fans are designed to run all night, steadily drawing cool fresh air in through open windows while exhausting hot stale air out through attic roof vents.  What makes the AirScape truly effective is its slower flow over a longer period with quiet operation.

As the graph pictured above shows, payback on the AirScape is much faster than solar. Also, reducing electricity use means reducing CO2 emissions, so you’re reducing your carbon footprint while saving costs. Easy enough. The fans start at $549 and can be bought on the AirScape website.