The Nikon D5000 coming next week at PMA?

nikon-logo1There has been mumblings that Nikon was going to introduce a new, entry level DSLR to replace the aging D40/D60 lineup and that DSLR might just might launch next week at PMA. Besides the MP count, details really aren’t flowing but we’re hoping Nikon has a nice DSLR in the works.

Nikon Rumors, a good authority on everything Nikon btw, is stating that via a reliable source, the D5000 will be launched next week in Vegas. So far the only spec leaked is that the camera will be loaded with a 12.3 MP sensor which is in line with previous reports that the D5000’s image quality would be on par with the D90 who just so happens to also sport a 12.3 MP sensor. Nice.

Chances are though that this will not be the only entry level DSLR announced next week. Pentax just dropped the price on some of its models and Canon knows what they are doing. Next week should be a great time for camera fiends.