Kindle 2 going international

If this job posting by, Amazon’s secret hardware skunkworks, is any indication there will be an International version of the Kindle sooner than later.

The candidate will be a senior and experienced software engineer or manager with a background in wireless. You will have worked on one or more baseband /radio solutions for wireless devices. You will have led or managed a SW development team and be proficient a recruiting and selecting top engineers. You will have a complete understanding of the communication stack from layer1 and drivers through protocol and framework. As the first person in this team, as well as recruiting up to four engineers through 2009 you will need to be a self-starter and hands-on to be able to set up the tool chain and development environment to start work before your team is on board.

Note that this doesn’t specifically mention overseas implementation but it does describe Wi-Fi and 3G, two technologies which are decidedly not Sprint’s WhisperNet US-based CDMA network. Also note the requirement… “This position will require international travel.”

Submit your resume now! You can get the Kindle 3 before all of us and you can sit in the green chairs.