Google Groups Page On Gmail Shows Adult Material Amidst Serious Outage

It’s bad enough for Google that businesses and consumers across the globe are being left without web access to Gmail for hours, but to add insult to injury someone hacked the created a Google Groups page on Gmail (link NSFW) at the worst possible time, adding images that leave nothing to the imagination as well links to adult content elsewhere on the net on top of the page.

Update: per comments, this is not an official Google group but a user-generated one most likely deliberately set up now to take advantage of the fact Google has other things on its mind right now than checking up and moderating new groups on the subject of Gmail. Title edited.

That said, this is the very first result that shows up when you search for ‘Gmail down’ so they might wanna take a look at this quickly.

Update 2: someone at the Googleplex just did and deleted the group, which was up for at least 25 minutes.

Update 3: weird, it dissappeared for a while but now you’re able to access it anyway after a warning message.