A case for why Apple's not going to produce an inexpensive Mac

apple-logo1Apple has been a niche company for years that has survived by selling a few computers with a high mark-up instead of the industry norm of cheap systems at high volume numbers. It has worked so far, so why would the company deviate from the established path? It [probably] won’t.

Kingsley-Hughes goes into this in detail, but think about it. Instead of marketing to the very low-end consumers like almost every PC company, Apple goes after the middle and high class. The brand isn’t Wal-mart material and doesn’t have to be in order to survive in the market thanks to ample money in the bank and a great brand image. Folks that want a Mac will probably still find a way to buy a Mac and those that don’t, will probably look at the thousands of PC options available. Apple has an established business plan and that doesn’t include cheap Mac.