Two more X-Slim notebooks coming from MSI


After getting everyone worked up at CES over its X320 netbook, MSI has let slip two additional models in the X-Slim series; both actual notebooks with Centrino 2 processors, too. The 15.6-inch X600 and the 13.4-inch X340 are expected to be formally announced at CeBIT in a little over a week and MSI has already revealed that the X340 will cost under $1,000.

Other than that, details are relatively scant. The 15.6-inch X600 apparently weighs only 4.6 pounds and it’d stand to reason that the X340 would weigh in similarly to the X320, which is right around three pounds. They both have an HDMI port and the X600 has an eSATA connector as well. Both also have VGA connectors and the aforementioned Centrino 2 CPUs.


[via Engadget]