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Liqui-doh!-tion: Couple buys $1100 shattered TV from Circuit City, all sales final

This week TechFluff TV has “Mike Arrington”, although he looks a little different to when I last saw him… amongst other fluffy news. TechCrunch Europe is a media pimper sponsor of TechFluff.TV. Hell, we just think it’s kinda fun. That is all.

  • TechChuff

    bwahaha – I’m Miguel Arringtones

  • come on

    can we not have this stuff posted, its just smacks on london cliche and its not very british.

    have a widget on the side of the site if you must push this stuff but its not a story now is it,.

    • Ray

      But she’s hot and she’s talking about interweb stuff. This is gold dust.

    • Mike Butcher

      Not very British? It’s unbelievably British. And it’s frivolous fun. Get a life.

      • come on

        I disagree totally. Its a knock off of so many American crappy video shows.

        telling me to get a life is just plain rude and just proves you cannot take people posting their opinons.

        go back to old media Mike if you can’t deal with people commenting..

  • David Francesconi

    She’s awesome AND hot! keep it up!

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