KTM's electric dirtbike gets dated, sort of


Now that the race to get electric cars on the road is over, it’s time for the two-wheel variety to get in the mix. KTM recently announced that the EV Enduro, a race ready dual sport that was first announced last October, would be rolling off the production line sometime next year. A protoype of the EV Enduro has been in testing since 2008.

The Li-ion battery powered KTM has a 7Kw motor that puts out roughly 9.5HP and 29 ft/lb of torque. The battery and motor have a combined weight of 17kg and the overall weight of the EV Enduro is 90kg. A fully charged battery should last about an hour under heavy use and only takes an hour to charge.

Pricing hasn’t been set yet, but KTM doesn’t think it’ll be much of a premium over its gas-powered counterparts. I want one so bad, but I doubt it’ll be in my budget. Are there any riders in the audience? I’m looking at the Yamaha XT250 at the moment.

via Reg and GizMag