Review: Spotlight flashlight


There’s not much you can do to improve the flashlight. You turn it on, point it at things, and turn it off. Maybe you make it smaller or brighter or more rugged, but you’re still just talking about a flashlight.

That’s why I’m willing to say the Spotlight mini flashlight is worth a second look. Instead of being just a flashlight, it’s a flashlight that fits into the 12V power connector in your car where it charges and remains at the ready for any situation, especially when that situation involves your wife trying to find something on the floor in the dark while you’re driving 75 mph on the highway.

These tiny flashlights come in multiple colors and are specially designed to fit in any 12V accessory AKA cigarette lighter port. They cost $19.95 each and there are a number of accessories including a splitter that frees up the port and a little thing called the Fender Friend you can attach to your car to see what you’re doing in the dark.

Past the obvious, however, you’re basically dealing with a flashlight. You turn it on, turn it off, plug it in. The best thing about the product is the visual hyperbole exhibited on the 12vspotlight website. Clearly the people there are having more fun with these flashlights than we ever will.
Bottom Line: It’s a small flashlight you keep in your car and costs $19.95. Worth buying if you need a flashlight.