New gangsterish Wii accessories from Nyko

Nyko has some new accessory packs for their Wand 3rd-Party Wiimote. First is the Wand Action Pak. The second is called the Wand Core Pak.

The Wand Action Pak includes one Wand and Pistol Grip. This new pistol grip boasts a digital connection to the remote instead of the usual mechanical connection to a button. They call it Trans-Port and say that this will reduce wear and tear from use. There is also a switch on the bottom of the grip that can flip the A and B buttons for use in different games. That Wand Action pack will be available for $49.99 in June.

The Wand Core Pak includes a Wand and a wired Kama, Nyko’s own version of the Nunchuck. The Kama features vibration and connects to the Wand with a 4 foot cord. It actually looks a little more comfortable than Nintendo’s own Nunchuck. The Wand Core Pack should be available again in June for $49.99. You will also be able to purchase the Wand by itself for $34.99.