Urwerk Tarantula crawls across your arm

urwerk-tarantula-103tUrwerk makes some crazy watches, that’s for sure. Their latest kind of speaks to me though, so I can’t make too much fun of it. Combining a very unique design with some clever alloys, you end up with a watch that looks like nothing else currently on the market.

Featuring four “satellites” that rotate around a cross, creating a rather stunning effect when the watch changes time, as the arms rotate 420 degrees each time it updates. The designers say that the watch has been inspired by the tarantula, which seems to be a bit of a stretch to me.

Bottom line, if you want something that looks very unique, and will definitely make a statement, this may be the watch for you. There doesn’t appear to be any pricing information available online, but with this particular model being limited to a run of 60 of each color it’s one of those, “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” situations.

UR103T technical specifications

Model: UR103T
Limited edition of 60 pieces in each of ALTAiN steel, white gold and red gold.
Case: Stainless steel treated with AlTiN (Aluminum, Titanium, Nitride); white gold; red gold.
Dimensions: 50mm x 36mm x 13.5mm (including lugs)
Movement: Calibre 3.03; manual winding; 21,600bph/3Hz
Power reserve 43 hours
Triple bridges in black ARCAP P40
Time Indication by hour satellites rotated by Geneva crosses
Control Board: Grade 5 titanium, power reserve indicator, 15-minute and seconds dials for precise time-setting, user adjustable fine-tuning screw.