Samsung vows to block Kodak camera imports


I have no idea what’s going on here but Samsung is fighting back against Kodak on some sort of patent issue because Kodak was originally suing Samsung. First, Kodak filed a complaint to the International Trade Commission citing patent infringement against LG and Samsung on Kodak technology.

The patents dealt with image capture, compression, and storage as well as a preview method. Fair enough. Kodak worked hard, after all!

But now Samsung is fighting back with it’s own lawsuit in what seems like a fairly cynical move. Samsung isn’t even talking about what it’s suing over:

“Samsung Electronics plans to respond actively to this litigation (by Kodak),” said Lee Eun-hee, a company spokeswoman.

Details on the Samsung patents or Kodak products mentioned in the complaint were not available.

Come on, kids. Let’s just relax and settle this over a few rounds of Street Fighter IV. I’ll go get the Pepsi!