The Sony DSC-T900 & T90: svelte 12MP, 720p recording digicams

Sony is pack’n a lot of goods into the new T900 and T90 pocket cams. Not only are these thin cameras measured in millimeters, but they come loaded with a 12MP sensor and high-def video recording.

Sony’s T series of digital cameras have always been known for their extremely thin design and the latest generation doesn’t disappoint. The T900 measures in at 15.1mm thick (or slim?) but somehow there is still room in the bezel for a Carl Zeiss 4x zoom lens and optical stabilizer. Plus, these pocket digicam can also record movies at a 720p resolution. No telling how good those videos will turn out but at least it’s at a high-def resolution.

The T90 rings up a little less expensive but it also comes with only a 3-inch touchscreen instead of the T900 3.5-inch option. Both cameras should drop in April with the T900 coming in at $379 and the T90 at $299.