DevHub Lets You Publish And Monetize Websites In One Swoop

DevHub is launching to the public today with a solution that enables users to create and publish multiple websites and offers a way to monetize them in the same process.

The web-based commercial publishing platform isn’t groundbreaking stuff, but DevHub lets web publishers tap into a fairly large aggregated network of sites and affiliate networks with the use of an API, boasting deals with more than 35 internet properties such as Careerbuilder, Superpages,, Priceline, Homegain, etc.). The startup says this integrated monetization approach, the rich WYSIWYG editing capabilities and the extensive reporting features are what set them apart from other online website building tools (and there are many of those).

During the private beta, the Seattle company had already over 55,000 sites developed with the centralized platform, and today it is entering public beta allowing anyone to sign up and take it for a ride. The company claims it takes 5-10 minutes to set up a website, so you don’t need to refrain from testing for lack of time.

They also have an interesting way of going about signing up new users: while a DevHub user can manage an unlimited number of sites on the DevHub platform, they must pass a quality threshold for their first set of 10 sites before being allowed seats for their next 10. It’s unclear what this quality test entails exactly.

The product is targeted primarily at wannabe internet entrepreneurs looking to build an online media network without a lot of technical know-how.

DevHub, actually a product from the company EVO Media Group, is backed by the same angel group behind BuddyTV and the / sites. They’ve been working on the platform for the past 1.5 years on less than $1 million from the private investors.