Mobile CDN Offers First Official iPhone Streaming App

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This past weekend, Mobile CDN made a fairly significant move in the mobile world when it streamed footage of the NBA All-Star game live over mobile phones. Why? Mobile CDN launched the first live streaming application approved by Apple and that works over any wireless network Edge, 3G and WiFi phones. Until now, Apple hasn’t officially allowed iPhones to access streaming applications.

So how did Mobile CDN break down Apple’s barriers? Mobile CDN approached streaming application, Orb, and asked the company to repurpose their existing technology to make a solution that could both be high quality and high capacity, in order to reach all iPhone users concurrently.

The first run of the streaming application did very well at Apple’s application store. The NBA All-Star Game app reached number 16 in iTunes applications, was the featured app on iPhone App Store home page (when viewed on iPhone) and was the most popular sports app at the time of the game.

Founded by mobile veteran Euan McLeod (worked on mobile at Turner Broadcasting and Limelight Networks), Mobile CDN has made a game-changing breakthrough for the iPhone. If Mobile CDN has approval from Apple to stream events live, this could be a powerful tool for many enterprises. The company said that it has signed deals with some other “large media and broadcast companies” to stream events live via the App Store, but was unable to reveal the events or companies. This partnership is also advantageous to the Apple and the iPhone, if watching events live on an iPhone becomes a mainstream phenomenon (which could very likely happen).

  • Philipp Schiedel

    toller artikel

  • Melvin M. Tercan

    This how Apples hype marketing strategy works: first forbid certain features as long as you can… then allow it.. and BAMM… another hyped feature..

    • Greg S.

      Hehehehehe… so true !

    • Glenton Samuels

      I agree…

  • Arshad

    wow.. CDNs are becoming more useful nowadays.

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  • PlayFreeRoulette

    nice stuff

  • Laurentiu @

    I agree with Melvin.

    And that is why we do NOT develop applications for iPhone …

    They do not care about their customers, they just wanna do as much money as possible.

    • Laurentiu @

      … well I guess “make money” would be correct in English :)

  • Christopher @ Free Web Site

    As much as I love Apple (and I do), I think the way they’ve limited access to the iPhone is pretty sneaky. The app store is great but making it a violation of the Digital Millennium Act to access the built in video camera, that’s crap.

  • david lee king

    You said “Mobile CDN launched the first live streaming application approved by Apple” – ustream has had their official app up for longer than a couple of weeks, so I’d say Ustream was first…

  • Barret JM

    @davide lee king

    Orb had the first official application called Orb Live that streamed live content months ago.

    1. Orb Live was approved in July 2008 and connects to your home network and PC but this new Mobile CDN deal means that Orb is now available to the masses with no need to set up your PC at home. Cool…really cool.. great move for Orb.

    2. had their application approved in January and streamed CNN, Fox, PBS and other content for the Inauguration with loots of hoopla. Many have questioned if had permission to use the Inaug. content and I don’t think they did (as I have never see any professional content since) and this ended up being a cheap publicity stunt.

    I think this NBA application is the first approved live iPhone streaming application. It is obviously approved by Apple and more importantly approved by the publisher.

    Having streamed NBA live to the iPhone I think we shall now see the floodgates open for live on the iPhone. Live streaming on the iPhone approved by Apple…now that is the real story.

  • DanDar

    @david lee. Ustream only works over WiFi.

    So this is the first “mobile” live streaming application on the iPhone. If you have WiFi why would you watch Tv on your iPhone and not you laptop?

    Convenience maybe. I guess?

  • Farren

    Kudos to Orb for getting into this market with mobile cdn. Orb have been a bit dorment for a while but this is cool. Seems like a mobile cdn is going to be a real opportunity. I asked all the big CDNs last year why they were not going after mobile but no intelligent answers. Will the mobile wave be like the cdn market all over again?

  • david lee king

    Barrett JM – iTunes App Store says Nov 08 for Orb, Feb 09 for Orb premium (release dates). And Ustream was Jan 09 …

    I thought Leena meant Orb was new – my bad! Otherwise, I’m still waiting for an official livestreaming video app… not just watching, but actual making…

    • julialuc

      @ david lee king: Orb applied for its “OrbLive” App in September 2008 and got approved on November 4th 2008. I do not know what Orb premium is. We have “OrbLive” and “OrbLive Free”, which is basically the same App with limited content for people to try out Orb. We also now have “Live Events”, which is a generic App showing “CDN” streaming capabilities. It’s free in the App Store as well, it’s the same technology that was used for the “ All-Star LIVE” App last weekend. “Live Events” currently shows live Webcams (or other feeds) for people to see how it works.

  • amd

    Flycast has supported live streaming of audio on edge, 3g and wifi for months. I use it all the time.

  • DanDar

    @amd Eh! Keep up dude. We are talking live video not audio only…

  • thewolf

    What about Slingplayer? Live events can’t trump control of YOUR TV.

  • airmanchairman

    A lot of you guys do not really know what you are talking about, not having the actual hands-on experience of the topic you are wading into completely blindly.

    I have been streaming my from Sky Satellite Digi-Box and my analogue TV channels (BBC, ITV, Channels 4 & 5) LIVE to my iPhone 3G using Orb Live on my iPhone and Orb Streaming server on my Windows XP Media Centre Edition Dell PC since before Xmas 08.

    I use a Hauppauge WinTV capture card to connect between my Sky DigiBox, my TV aerial and my Media Server PC, and have been enjoying hours of uninterrupted Wi-Fi streaming via my 22Mbps broadband connection at work, on the bus, and while shopping. I can also see my WebCam in real time and monitor the security of my house while I’m out.

    An ingenious Sky Controller add-on box with accompanying software allows me to control channels, schedule, start and stop live recordings. Who needs Sling Player?

    Resistance is futile, join the Jobs Objective-C Collective!!!!

  • teeveeJohn

    This is cool.

    Live iPhone streaming at last:)

  • CasinosInCalifornia

    a good strategy for Apple.

  • Glenton Samuels

    There is so many things that annoy me about the iPhone but it’s also great at the same. It’s a love hate relationship.

  • iPhone Apps

    Anything I would say here was already said by Melvin in the second comment. This is just more of Apple being Apple. They have been doing this for years, and I see no reason why they would stop.

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