Add hard-core arcade action to your 360 or PS3


We just spotted these controllers on They are dual player arcade controllers for multiple platforms and are selling now for $269 plus $89 or so for the proper adapter. Not much information on the DreamArcades site – this doesn’t even seem to be linked off of the main page, but I would totally go head to head with anyone on these monsters. They work with PCs, XBox 360s, and PS3s.

The controller includes two joysticks, a rollerball, and six action buttons per player. It ships with Street Fighter and Street Fighter 2. Here’s the info before they pull it:

Each arcade includes:
-Light access buttons (require external power)
-Real Arcades controls
-6 buttons per player for Street fighter compatibility
-Boltless 2 1/4 inch trackball.
-USB or PS/2 connections
-Console adaptors available
-Control panel overlay, hides fingerprints.
-includes Street Fighter and Street Fighter 2 CE
-Side mounted pushbuttons for coin drop, or MAME pinball