Worlds Collide: PS3 games, movies to be on the same disc

men_in_black_blu_rayIt’s finally happening. You’ll finally be able to buy that crappy movie game at exactly the same time as you buy the movie. Sony announced recently that they’re pushing for (and developers are pushing for as well) movies and games bundled on the same disc. On the surface, this sounds like a good idea, but I’m not so sure.

Assuming that they continue to offer a standard Blu-ray disc, then fine. But if the only way the film is available is in a bundle, then I don’t want it. Keep in mind that while Blu-ray pricing is finally going down, they will definitely be charging a premium for a bundle. Sony’s director of marketing was curiously quiet on the pricing subject. I assume this can only mean bad news for the consumer.

Besides, how often do movie tie-in games suck?

[via Video Business]