Hands on with the Timex Expedition WS4: Holy cats, that's big


Timex makes nice work-out watches. I wore an Ironman for years and the bugger never gave out on me – I basically abandoned it. I also owned an earlier Expedition that I really enjoyed for running. Now, there’s a new monster on the block.

When I originally saw the WS4 online I was kind of put off by the size and screen. It looked way too big – and it is – but do I really need a little storm cloud to tell me that it’s going to rain? I kind of got the sense that this was a one-off by Timex just to get a little attention. I was wrong.

This is a great watch. Sure it’s absolutely gigantic but it’s great. It has a built-in alitmeter, barometer, and compass along with the standard timing functions and has two time zones accessible with the touch of a button. This is the boring grey model but they’ll have six models total in a number of colors. I’m going to wear this bugger for a few days and report back but right now I’m impressed. I might even recommend it over the Tissot T-Touch for sheer chutzpah.