CrunchGear PSA: Don't buy the Kodak C813

Listen, people. I’ll only tell you this once. Don’t buy the Kodak C813. At least that’s what DigitalCamera-HQ is suggesting and those guys know cameras.

This $75 8-megapixel point and shoot lasts about a week and suffers from bad image quality, broken LCDs, and battery door issues.

“This was a Christmas present I was looking forward to,” reports ‘S’, a C813 owner who submitted a one-star review to Digital Camera HQ, “until I tried to turn it on.” While S was successful in getting the C813 to turn on, they found it devoured batteries of all types in mere minutes. There are dozens of these reviews on our DCHQ Product Page for the Kodak C813, with many more to be found at other review sites around the web.

We’re big Kodak supporters here at CG and when they’re on, they’re on. Clearly the C813 is too good to be true and you’re better off paying $25 more for a fuller featured camera that won’t fall apart. They recommend the Canon A470 and we’re saying something like the Samsung L210 is another good piece of kit.