Teenage boy builds pre-Christ period style hut, now says he wants to live in it


The Jomon time of Japanese history extended from 14,000 BC to 400 BC but seems to be so interesting for a 14-year old boy living in Japan’s Yamanashi prefecture (2 hours away from Tokyo) that he built a straw house resembling the architecture from that period. And not only that, Shogo Kasai decided he wants to live there from time to time.

The reason: Shogo loves architecture and seems to be very bored. He started building the hut, which is 2.5m tall and is made of bamboo and straw received from his neighbor, in summer 2007. He now says after spending a night in the pit house and eating shiitake mushroom soup (just like Japanese people did in the Jomon period) he wants to live there for several weeks and dress up like the ancient Japanese.

I’m not sure if this is extremely awesome or extremely uncool.

Via Tokyo Mango