Firefox Mobile (Fennec) released in early form for HTC Touch Pro


It’s by no means a complete product and the overall experience might be all kinds of shaky, but the Fennec (that’s Firefox Mobile, if you missed it) team has released a “Milestone” version of their Windows Mobile browser. It requires a bit of beef in the processor/memory departments and is designed for 300 dpi at VGA resolution, so don’t expect a lesser phone than the HTC Touch Pro to handle it with any sort of grace.

If you’re ready to dip your feet, the CAB file is available here – but remember, the water might be rough. Brad Lassey of Mozilla on the current development status:

Our focus to this point has been to have a working, usable browser. To get there in a hurry we have punted in a few places, and I’d like to point a couple of them out. First is the update mechanism (both for the browser itself and for extensions). After installing this release, you will not be offered updates automatically, so please stay tuned for follow up releases. Also, we have disabled plug-in support. This is one of our high priority items going forward. Finally, as I mentioned before, there is no soft keyboard support. On an HTC Touch Pro, you’ll have to slide out the keyboard to enter a url.

Keep up the good work, Fennec-folks!

[Via WMExperts]