The DTV Delay Act isn't official yet, Obama hasn't signed it

barack-obama-is-supermanSo, Obama? What’s going on here? The Senate and The House of Representatives both passed the DTV Delay Act that made the analog switch-off optional until June 12, 2009. But Obama hasn’t signed the damn bill yet! What’s he doing? There is nothing more important than American television. Forget the economy, sign this bill into law and lets confuse millions of American’s when some analog signals stay lit on February 17.

This bill needs to be signed so broadcasters and content providers can update their PSAs with the new date. Plus, since the switch is now optional, some stations need to explain why their particular station is shutting down analog signals while ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX stations are waiting until June 12. Oh man, I’m confused right now. Thank goodness for cable.