How do you compare? Teens spend 31 hours a week online


How much time do you spend online, America? [Waits for answer.] That’s funny because the average teenager spends a cool 31 hours per week online. And what does the average teen do? The usual, I guess you can say—instant message friends, surf YouTube, get homework help, view porn, etc. Just another day in Anytown, USA.

Make that Anytownshire, UK, for that’s where this data comes from. (A British research group ( compiled the information.) It found that, on the whole, teens spend some 31 hours per week online, or, if we were to divide that evenly between the days of the week, that’s around 4.4 hours per day online. (We spend pretty much all day online at CrunchGear, from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed.)

The data breakdown isn’t exactly shocking, either: teens spend 3.5 hours a week instant messaging their friends, two hours on YouTube (two hours?), and three hours a week on homework help.

But the big number, the number that will no doubt be YELLED AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS ON ALWAYS SHOCKED ABOUT SOMETHING FOX NEWS about is the amount of time spent viewing porn. That number is one hour and forty minutes a week, on porn. That’s a heck of a lot of porn, if you consider that most porn-viewing sessions, one would think, is consumed in fits and spurts. That is, you’re not sitting there for 50 minutes at a clip watching porn, more like three-and-a-half minutes at a clip. Presumably.