Nikon D400 term popping up as search term


Chances are that Nikon is prepping another dSLR dubbed the D400. Now, if that camera is going to be a 24MP, touchscreen wunderkind, that’s something altogether different but at least the model name seems to be correct. The term D400 is starting to return search results with accessories that matches a Nikon camera showing that some data inputers are at least using the model number as a tag or keyword.

So far it has turned up in Google using the query “Nikon D400” [image above] and also photography retailer’s websites.

B&H Photo Nikon D400 search link

Adorama Nikon D400 search link

Amazon D400 search link

Now all we need is official specs, pricing, and availability which is basically everything. But look! It’s named the D400!