Luiz ‘just signed a game deal with EA’ Felipe Scolari sacked as Chelsea FC manager


Who saw this coming? We (well, Portugal’s A Bola) brought news last week that EA had signed a deal with Luiz Felipe Scolari, who is Chelsea FC’s manager. Wait, hold on, was Chelsea FC’s manager! Yup, he was just sacked. Sky Sports is freaking out.

Yes, the Brazilian manager who looks a lot like Gene Hackman was just given the boot, and the Sky Sports ticker of doom says that Avram Grant and Guus Hiddink are the two front-runners to replace Scolari.

The only reason I bring this up here on CrunchGear is because, again, it was only last week that EA announced their Scolari game. (Also to break up the wall-to-wall Kindle 2 posts.) What are they gonna do now, develop a game featuring an unemployed manager? Re-tool it to reflect whatever new gig he lands?

And yes, using the “sad Scolari” photo is totally a hack move.