First look at Star Trek animation studio

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Time to indulge your inner animator. Home animation site GoAnimate is officially announcing tomorrow that they have obtained the rights from CBS to allow you to create your own Star Trek animated stories. Sounds pretty cool to me.

From the press release:

Go!Animate is a free online animation tool that enables everyone — no artistic ability required — to create their own animated stories and share them with the world.

And now, after signing a licensing deal with CBS Consumer Products, Go!Animate is giving users the ability to create their own STAR TREK animated adventures. This is the first ever officially-sanctioned use of STAR TREK material for the purpose of user-generated content within an online medium.

As a result, Go!Animate gives millions of dedicated Star Trek fans a tool to creatively express themselves and share with the global STAR TREK community.

So now, not only can you write your own Star Trek slashfic, you can actually animate them too!
How to create a Star Trek animation from GoAnimate on Vimeo.
GoAnimate Demo: Star Trek Launch from GoAnimate on Vimeo.