CardSmart is Web dumb – but it'll probably be a smash anyway

Recessions are when the old fashioned business models with revenue streams get rolled out. A good example of this is the ideas Duncan Jennings of eConversions likes to coming up with. Fresh from the WeLoveLocal sale he’s already done Credit Crunch Vouchers. Now he’s teamed up with former China-based entrepreneur Shakil Khan to launch CardSmart, a credit card comparison site.

There are of course lots of finance comparison sites out there. What’s different? It looks like there is no other dedicated site for credit cards in the UK, which is very credit focused (alas!). The revenue model is a mixture of CPC, CPL and CPA and will garner traffic via a combination of paid search, display media, white label partnerships, radio, press and SEO. What, no Twitter feeds or Facebook apps?

Other than that the site is notable mainly because sites like MoneySupermarket may well have become just way too big. Focusing on one niche of this market is more of Web 2.0 approach. Though it’s a pity the site doesn’t have much to offer in the way of any Web 2.0 tools to give it a more interesting and scalable edge. The site is boot-strapped by its founders.