NAM Nokia E63s now available at the flagship stores


It was only a few weeks back when Nokia announced that a model of the E63 with North American 3G friendly internals was on the way, and it’s already found its way to the shelves. While it doesn’t appear that Nokia has gotten around to putting it online yet, the flagship Nokia stores in Chicago and New York are reporting that they just received their first shipment and are letting them go for $279.99 a piece.

The North American model packs in quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900 Mhz) and UMTS (850/1900mhz), so it should fire right up on AT&T’s (or, if you’re a bit further up north, Rogers) 3G network. Besides the radio change, it matches spec-for-spec with the international version Nokia launched a few months ago, which is in turn a lighter-spec’d and easier-on-the-wallet homage to the E71.

The E63 comes in blue and red, and we’re not sure which is in stock – so make sure to call ahead if you’ve got a particular hue in mind.

[via Symbian-Guru]