Microsoft's SkyBox redubbed "My Phone", info page briefly goes live


Looks like the rumors from a few weeks back about Microsoft launching a MobileMe-esque product for Windows Mobile were spot on – except for the name. Earlier this morning a beta signup page briefly went live at, but wherever we expected to see “Skybox”, it said “My Phone” instead. Perhaps Microsoft got a bit tired of the Skynet references?

The page has since been pulled (don’t worry, there was no actual functionality to any of the links past the front page), but it does confirm that SkyBox will support over-the-air syncing of data, contacts, and photos from your phone to Microsoft’s magical land in the clouds.

(Side note, but does anyone else think its odd that they just flipped the name “MobileMe” around and plugged in synonymous variations? It’s probably not intentional, but you’d think they might avoid something so confusingly similar.)

[via EngadgetMobile]