Stainless steel wallet looks more comfortable than it sounds


Did you know that scientists are able to weave strands of stainless steel together and that these strands are three times thinner than a piece of paper? It’s true! They should make a wallet and sell it for $90 through Hammacher Schlemmer.

Whup, looks like they’re one step ahead of me.

Woven using 25,000 stainless steel threads that are three times thinner than a piece of paper –.001″–this is the only wallet with a hand as smooth as silk and the strength that surpasses leather. Impervious to stretching or staining, and without sharp corners or the inherent bulk of other wallets, the stainless steel is the same metal screen found in the architecture, aerospace, and automotive industries, resulting in a thin profile that allows it to fit into a front pocket.

Aerospace? I’ll be damned. You know it’s strong if it’s used in the aerospace industry. I go through at least six wallets a year with all the aggressive sitting I do, so this tough-as-nails stainless steel one might be right up my alley. Plus it’s probably bullet proof, which means I can stop worrying all day about getting shot in right ass cheek. That’s no way to live.

The Only Stainless Steel Wallet [Hammacher Schlemmer]