The Suima crib is the world's first fully automatic baby bed


Kyuushuu University in Japan (where else) and Nagasaki-based Maruki Kaihatsu have developed a baby bed that makes it possible to console crying infants automatically. The so-called Suima crib [JP] is only available in Nippon and according to the makers, it’s the first one of its kind.

The device tries to induce sleep by mimicking a mother’s (or father’s) gentle arm movements. It sways from one side to the other every 1.8 seconds, which is the about the same as a parent’s heartbeat. A sensor located at the top of the crib makes sure that the infant’s cries are heard and activates the swaying automatically even when no parent is around for a while.

Rentals cost around $100 per month, while buying the Suima crib will set Japanese parents back between $4,500 and $5,500.

Seeing the thing moving is kind of creepy, but it works as the video below seems to prove.