Fujitsu unveils new and pricey high-end speakers


Fujitsu Ten today announced two new time domain speakers for the Japanese market [JP] (there is no word on a possible release outside Nippon at this point). The TD712zMK2 and the TD712zMK2-S, which is basically identical to the former but comes with a shorter stand, go on sale at the end of this month.

The 12cm speakers feature 35Hz-26kHz (-10dB) frequency response, 84dB sensitivity, 35W/70W output and 6Ω impedance. The TD712zMK2 measures 347×989×431mm, while the shorter TD712zMK2-S is sized at 347×601×431mm.

Audio fans need to pay $3,900 for the long version and $3,600 for the smaller speaker.